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Image by Roman Kraft

Our Mission Statement

Initially developed with a focus on assisting those seeking asylum, the Georgia Human Rights Clinic was founded as a means to connect with others who share this common goal. As students within the Emory University School of Medicine, we accessed a broad network of students, public health advocates involved in the Rollins School of Public Health Atlanta Asylum Network, and healthcare providers to assemble a motivated team. We partnered with local law firms and advocacy groups to begin conducting asylum evaluations for asylum seekers and have formed collaborations with over one dozen non-profit organizations throughout Georgia. Today, we are officially the Emory chapter of Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) and work with physicians from various medical backgrounds to provide services including in-person and virtual asylum evaluations. Additionally, we’ve grown and now offer assistance on non-asylum cases, including detainees and those applying for T Visa, U Visa, and VAWA claims. We’re grateful for your interest in our program!

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